Why have lessons

By the time we become consciously aware of the consequences of any distortion with such things as bad backs, stiff necks, shoulders and joints, breathing difficulties, bad circulation, and many others, the patterns have become so firmly established that we don't know any other way of moving. The known, or wrong way, feels safe and familiar, and the right way is unknown and unfamiliar because it is out of our experience.

As Alexander describes in one of his books 'The Use of the Self' this was his greatest obstacle. Even when he knew intellectually what needed to happen, as soon as he tried to put it into practice the old pattern automatically took over.

In the end, it took him ten years to find a means of overcoming this, but thanks to his pioneering genius, anyone with the interest can now achieve what he did in a very short while with the help of a teacher.

'Alexander Technique transformed my life. It is the result of an acknowledged genius. I would recommend it to anyone'. Tony Buzan (inventor of Mind Maps; author of 'Use your Head' and 'The Evolving Brain').

'The Alexander Technique is systematised common sense'. Prof. John Dewey (Educator and Philosopher).