Having lessons

The teacher's hands are used to gently encourage the pupil to release excess muscle tension, without manipulation, while guiding them through some simple everyday activities such as getting in and out of a chair, walking etc., to give them the experience of performing these familiar activities with greater lightness, freedom and poise, while at the same time gradually instilling in them the means by which they can begin to maintain and develop these changes in their daily lives, outside the lesson, and expand them into all other activities of daily living.

Because of its great benefit to performers of all kinds, it is taught in most music and drama schools, such as the Royal College of Music and RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art).

Because the kinaesthetic information, the experience of good use, is picked up through the teacher's hands, lessons are mostly given on an individual basis by teachers operating in private practices.

'Alexander established --- a technique of correction and self-control which forms a substantial addition to our very slender resources in personal education'. George Bernard Shaw (playwright).

'When an investigation comes to be made, it will be found that every single thing we are doing in this work is exactly what happens in Nature where the conditions are right, the difference being that we are learning to do it consciously.' F.M. Alexander