The Technique

F.M. Alexander was an actor in the latter half of the 19th century. When he started losing his voice on stage, he was told by medical specialists that they could find nothing wrong.
Determined to resolve the problem, he decided the cause must be in the way he was using his voice. He organised some mirrors, and sat in front of them to observe what he did when he spoke.
Over time, he began to realise the problem lay outside the immediate area of his voice, throat or breathing. In the process of tracing the problem back to its source, he realised he had discovered the fundamental pattern of co-ordination necessary to ensure that all parts of the body function as a unified, smooth-running whole.

As a consequence, he not only resolved his vocal difficulties, but also improved his general health and well-being. His discovery was supported and confirmed by the scientific community from the start, and he was encouraged to take his method of re-education into the wider community.

When he started to pass his findings on to others, using his hands to guide them in what should happen, he quickly discovered that he was not unique in unconsciously falling into bad habits in the way he used himself in everyday life. He discovered that everyone, to a greater or lesser extent, unknowingly disturbs this fundamental pattern of co-ordination, with the result that they pull themselves more and more out of shape and off balance.

'Mr Alexander's method lays hold of the individual as a whole --- I regard this method as thoroughly scientific and educationally sound'. Prof. George E.Coghill (anatomist and physiologist).

'Mr Alexander has done a service --- by insistently treating each act as involving the whole integrated individual'. Sir Charles Sherrington (Nobel Prizewinner for Physiology and Medicine).